Bigger than enron

A major problem with tournaments is that individuals are rewarded based on how well they do relative to others. He put the very people who funded him in the room to devise a clean air policy. More than one million Americans, mainly men, live in their trucks. I immediately had our programmers develop a report that the safety supervisors could run, and it was illuminating.

The house was collateral for the loan, for instance. It was a big scandal. Unfortunately, somewhat less than one percent of the driver population is criminal, and they would sell fuel, sell the tires off a trailer, sell off the load, etc.

The coordination of trucks and loads would allow a load going from coast-to-coast to be hauled by one truck, or dropped and picked up by twelve trucks in hardly more time or could even be lesswith the coordination of activities so sophisticated that the fleet and loads work in harmony.

With flatbed, tanker and refrigerated freight, there would be other complications, but they could be readily overcome with a little creativity. One inherent risk in banking is called inflationary risk.

Principal–agent problem

Deferred compensation[ edit ] Tournaments represent one way of implementing the general principle of "deferred compensation", which is essentially an agreement between worker and firm to commit to each other. The scandal could have been prevented or minimized in if my profession had been honest.

By itself, it was a great improvement. When I edited this essay in lateI let the rest of the essay from here stand as I wrote it, as a historical document. In the system envisioned here, each driver could. With every crazed boom comes a bust, so the dot.

BIGGER THAN ENRON - Discovery Finance Money (full documentary)

The situation of petrodollars funding third-world debt in the s was the first one. The vision incorporated that idea into something far grander. The macho mentality often dominates the thinking of truck drivers and management, with morning greetings often accompanied by swear words.

I proved that it was not difficult to get timely and reliable information to begin a management process, but I was a voice in the wilderness.

They like to claim all is a free market but have no problem taking trillions in taxpayer bailouts. State utilities are shy to sign such contracts anyway and prone to ditch them at the first hint of cheaper electricity in the wholesale market.

When technology suppression stops being business-as-usual, we will see the end of trucks, roads, pollution, environmental destruction, poverty and disease.

Bigger Than Enron

Truck stops enticed drivers by giving them free showers, meals and other goodies if they bought a minimum of fifty or a hundred gallons. A programmer from India spent an entire hour or two designing the system. Money is now electronic impulses that travel the globe in an instant.

George Bush gave them an environmental clean air policy that any corporation would lust after. Then the Aztec welcome wore out and the local citizens laid siege to the imperial palace.

Only in primitive societies as ours are such jobs denigrated, relegated to the lowest paying and worst working conditions. Watch video · Greg, this is the point you were making about it being larger than Enron. GREG PALAST: Yeah.

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I mean, basically the co-conspirators, the rest of. Enron's meltdown is more than a lone business scandal, it's an indictment of our entire financial and political system.

This smart, simple Enron primer explains why. In "Bigger Than Enron," FRONTLINE correspondent Hedrick Smith shines a spotlight on how the corporate watchdogs -- the bankers, lawyers, regulators, politicians, and above all, the accountants.

The problems with Enron, though, are bigger than the few people who went to jail as a result.

Bigger Than Enron

The company’s collapse was ultimately enabled by a number of business trends that developed during. "I definitely talked to him about Enron. I said, 'We're sitting on an Enron.' This is bigger than Enron.

I mean, we're doing four billion a month in loans. If housing drops, housing value drops. Enron: The Fallout: Firm's Downfall Raises Concern Over Derivatives U.S.

Lawmakers Push for More Oversight The Wall Street Journal. By Michael Schroeder.

Bigger than enron
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